Keep Halloween Safe: Don’t Drink and Drive

Halloween is supposed to be a fun night filled with ghouls and goblins, as well as huge bags full of treats for kids both young and old. Some people may even choose to have Halloween parties that may include interesting costumes and plenty of alcohol. However, Delray car accident lawyers want everyone to stay as safe as possible this Halloween, and as always, DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE.

Sadly, year after year, there are frightening drunk driving statistics pertaining to Halloween. Nationwide, over 40 percent of Halloween weekend crashes that resulted in fatalities involved drivers who had a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .08 percent or greater. Just as terrifying is the fact that a little over 20 percent of fatalities involving pedestrians on Halloween night were caused by drunk drivers. The numbers are horrific; however, there are ways to protect yourself and those you love from becoming a statistic.

Law Enforcement Agencies Will be Watching Shiner the Shark Halloween Safety

Last year, thousands of law enforcement agencies, including the Florida Highway Patrol (FHP), took part in the Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over safety campaign that ran from Halloween through November 2nd of 2014, and the same is expected this year. The purpose of the campaign was to increase the visibility of law enforcement on area roadways and use targeted enforcement with the hopes of deterring drivers from operating their motor vehicles while impaired.

Just the year before in 2013, over 650 arrests of impaired drivers were made over Halloween weekend. Accordingly, FHP suggests a number of Halloween safety tips for individuals. First, if you plan on drinking, be sure to have a designated driver in place to help you make it to your chosen destination. And as a side note, if you are a designated driver, don’t drink at all — not even one drink.

If you find yourself too impaired to drive and you did not have a designated driver in place, call a cab, take the bus or contact a family member or friend who is sober and may be able to assist you with getting home safely. You should also keep in mind that walking while impaired can be just as dangerous as driving while impaired. That said, if you choose to walk home, be sure to have someone who is sober walking with you.

Finally, if you know someone is impaired and he or she is still about to get behind the wheel of an automobile, take the person’s keys and help him or her find a different way to get home.

Remember, a DUI Can Cost You in a Number of Ways

Driving while impaired or under the influence can cost you in several ways. Besides the fact that drunk drivers put everyone, from other drivers to pedestrians walking along the street, in danger, a drunk driving conviction can subject a driver to higher insurance rates, time in jail, steep fines, a loss of his or her driver’s license and many other charges and fees.

We want everyone to have a good time this Halloween, but make sure to keep safety first. If you or someone you love has been injured in a drunk driving accident or any other type of accident, contact the Shiner Law Group today for help.