Teaching Your Kids About Playground Safety

Safe playground equipment and adult supervision are extremely important, but it’s only half of the equation: Kids must know how to be safe and act responsibly at the playground.

Teach your kids to:

  • Never push while on slides, seesaws, gyms, and other equipment.
  • Always use the equipment properly by sliding feet first, no standing on swings for seesaws, no jumping off or climbing on guardrails, etc.
  • Check for passing children before jumping off slide or equipment.
  • Leave bikes, backpacks, and bags away from the equipment and the play area so that no one trips over them.
  • Place backpacks and bikes in their appropriate places to avoid tripping or harm.
  • Always wear a helmet while bike riding, but take it off while on playground equipment.
  • Avoid using the equipment when it is wet. Moisture makes the surface very slippery.
  • Check playground equipment in the summertime. It can become uncomfortably or even dangerously hot, especially metal slides, handrails, and steps. So use good judgment — if the equipment feels hot to the touch, it’s probably not safe or fun to play on. Contact burns can occur within seconds.
  • Wear clothes that do not have drawstrings or cords. Drawstrings, purses, and necklaces could get caught on equipment and accidentally strangle a child.
  • Wear sunscreen when playing outside even on cloudy days to protect against sunburn.

Resource: Kidshealth.org